A New Threat to Biden’s Re-Election, Guess Who’s Behind It

A prominent former Democratic leader, Dick Gephardt, is leading a bipartisan group to counter the potential impact of a third-party run on President Biden’s reelection.

Private polling obtained by Gephardt’s group indicates that a moderate third-party candidate could pose a greater threat to Biden’s support than former President Trump in a hypothetical three-way race.
Greg Schneiders warns that No Labels, the centrist organization advocating for a third-party candidate, could negatively affect Biden’s campaign and potentially lead to the reemergence of Donald Trump.

Gephardt’s bipartisan group includes notable figures such as former Senator Doug Jones and campaign strategist Stuart Stevens.
No Labels is speculated to consider Senator Joe Manchin and former Republican Maryland Governor Larry Hogan as potential candidates, although they claim not to directly fund the candidate.


Private polling reveals the vulnerability of President Biden’s support in the face of a potential moderate third-party candidate.
No Labels’ pursuit of a third-party candidate poses risks to Biden’s reelection chances and could lead to the resurgence of Donald Trump.
Dick Gephardt’s bipartisan group aims to counter the potential harm of a third-party run, bringing together experienced figures from different political backgrounds.
The actions of No Labels have drawn criticism from within their own ranks, highlighting the division surrounding the pursuit of a third-party candidate.
The upcoming election is poised to be a critical moment in shaping the future of the nation and the direction of its leadership.

As passionate Republican voters, we must remain vigilant and engaged as prominent figures like Dick Gephardt rally bipartisan opposition to the potential harm of a third-party run on President Biden’s reelection chances.

The private polling data revealing the vulnerability of Biden’s support in a three-way race should be a wakeup call for Republicans who want to ensure the preservation of conservative values and policies.

The push by No Labels for a moderate candidate may seem enticing, but we must not overlook the risks it poses to our conservative agenda. Greg Schneiders’ warning about the potential resurgence of Donald Trump underscores the urgency of the situation.

Dick Gephardt’s bipartisan group represents a united front against the perils of a third-party candidate. By bringing together figures with diverse backgrounds, they have the potential to make a significant impact in countering the threat and safeguarding the direction of the country.

As the battle lines are drawn, Republicans must remain informed and actively support candidates who align with our principles. The upcoming election will be pivotal in determining the future of our nation, and it is up to us to ensure that our conservative values guide us toward a prosperous and secure future.

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Source Fox News