2024 SHOCKER, Democrats Petrified Because They Didn’t See This Coming

A new political group called No Labels has gained ballot access in three states and is aiming to offer voters a non-extreme third-party option for president in 2024.

However, concerns have been raised that the group’s “unity ticket” could act as a “spoiler” and hand the presidency to Republicans, hurting President Joe Biden’s chances of being reelected.

Critics argue that third-party candidates have no chance of winning a general election and would mostly pick up voters who would otherwise vote for the Democratic candidate.

Despite this, No Labels insists that its candidate would draw support equally from Republican and Democrat-leaning voters. It’s still unclear who the No Labels candidate would be or what their main policy positions would include.

The group’s policy playbook includes policies attractive to both Republicans and Democrats, such as simplifying the tax code and securing energy independence by 2024 but also includes policies many Republicans view as non-starters, such as a pathway to citizenship for illegal immigrants.

No Labels has been active in courting centrist lawmakers in Washington, D.C., and has scheduled a nominating convention for April 2024, ahead of the scheduled Republican and Democratic conventions.

Source https://www.foxnews.com/politics/the-newest-political-party-on-the-ballot-in-three-states-has-democrats-terrified